A young girl hugs one of the greyhounds that are available for adoption.

West Virginia Greyhound Racing Lovers Can Adopt a Greyhound

The undeniable majesty and splendor of greyhounds racing has been a West Virginia tradition for years. Tourists and West Virginia locals flock to Mardi Gras Casino & Resort to immerse themselves in the thrill of watching these magnificent creatures do what they love most—run!

Our greyhounds spend plenty of time resting, relaxing and eating when they aren’t racing. After a few years in the spotlight, our greyhounds become eligible for adoption. These creatures make loving family members and enjoy living their golden years in the comfort of a good home. Here’s why racing greyhounds make excellent pets:

  • Known as ” the world’s fastest couch potato”
  • Exercise is important in keeping this breed happy and healthy
  • Greyhounds are quiet, calm and extremely well-mannered indoors
  • They are always eager to please

Dog Racing Fans Love Their Greyhounds
From the thrill of betting to the breathtaking adventure of watching greyhounds race, spectators can’t seem to get enough of our greyhounds. Fun facts about our greyhounds:

  • Greyhounds are the oldest pure bred dog
  • Male greyhounds typically measure 26 to 30 inches from shoulder to tail base and weigh up to 65 pounds. Female greyhounds measure anywhere from 23 to 26 inches and weigh anywhere from 50 to 65 pounds.
  • Greyhounds’ lifespan is from 12 to 15 years
  • Typically, greyhounds are ready for adoption after they turn two years old
  • Greyhounds can run up to speeds of 45 miles per hour

Mardi Gras Casino & Resort (formerly Tri-State Greyhound Park) Hosts “Adopt-a-Greyhound”

The next time you visit Mardi Gras Casino & Resort, ask about our “Adopt-a-Greyhound” program. We seek families or individuals who really love dogs, can provide a safe, loving home and can commit to care for the animal for the rest of its life.

Download an Application to Adopt a Greyhound

For more information on greyhound adoption, please call:
Locally: (304) 776-1000 ext. 1270
Toll Free: 1-800-224-9683 ext. 1270

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