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Learn How to Play Heads-Up Hold’em

Heads-Up Hold’em includes many features players have come to know and enjoy including the familiar Texas Hold’em betting pattern. However, Heads-Up Hold’em offers improved betting opportunities:

      • TRIPS PLUS: Win odds for Trips or better, using your two Pocket cards and the five community cards.
      • POCKET BONUS: Win odds if your two Pocket cards are a Pair or Ace-Face Cards.
      • ANTE: Play the best 5-card hand, using your 2 Pocket cards and the five community cards, Heads-Up against the Dealer’s hand.
      • ODDS: Must equal “Ante” wager. Obtain one of the hands listed, beat the dealer’s hand and you’ve won! If the hand loses to the dealer, (a “Bad Beat”) you’ve won even more!
      • RAISE: Playing against the Dealer’s hand, you may “Check” or “Bet” after your “Pocket” cards, or the “Flop.” After the River, you must Bet or Fold. Your Ante may be multiplied depending upon when you bet.

No other Texas Hold’em variation offers all these player favorite features.


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